‘Dancing With The Stars’: Bindi Irwin Perfects Her Moves With A Skeleton

‘Dancing With The Stars’: Bindi Irwin Perfects Her Moves With A Skeleton

The 17-year-old Bindi Irwin is surely a find for the show “Dancing with the Stars.” The beautiful lady has been a good performer from the first day, and this time, she has perfected her performance with a skeleton.


Bindi Irwin was seen dancing with a skeleton in the practice session of the show. Showing her performance would amaze many as well as her dance partner Derek Hough. She was working on the tango while she was spotted with the skeleton. So has she tossed her partner up?

No! There are only a few days left for Halloween, and this may be just a prop for the little lady. The teen star has nailed it by doing “Dirty Dancing” on Monday’s episode, and this time, she is preparing for something daring, it seems.

When asked about the “Dirty Dancing” experience, Hough said, “We were practicing the lift and Bindi’s dress kept sliding up,” adding, “If it came up too high, she would fall down. We ran over to wardrobe, and I said, ‘Please sew the dress to her underwear so it won’t slide up.’ ”

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The duo has pulled off an epic lift during their performance on Monday, and that earned them a perfect score for the night. There were none who was not overwhelmed with the performance, and very correctly, they received a lot of appreciation.

It seems that Bindi Irwin is about to go a long way in the competition. To know more, stay tuned on ABC every Monday.