Dance Moms Season 6 Update: Is Frazier Returning?

Dance Moms Season 6 Update: Is Frazier Returning?
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Reality TV show Dance Moms season 6 is already certain as casting calls have already been held. Media outlets report Nia Sioux Frazier is yet to confirm a reprisal of the role for season 6.


Speculations rose that Frazier’s hesitation may have something to do with the issue with coach Abby Lee Miller. In the final episode of season 5, it appeared that there was chaos in the scene between the kids and Abby Lee Miller. And though the season concluded with spectacular performance, both Maddie Ziegler and Frazier signified uncertainties in returning to season 6.

In a report from Realty Today, Frazier fought against Kalani Hilliker. But between them, Miller sided with Hilliker and changed the rules when Frazier won the competition. Then Miller promised the kids that whoever gets first place will have the chance to make a solo performance at the nationals. The coach did not do good her promise because she gave the solo performance to Hilliker.

But in her Instagram account, Frazier posted and announced she will return for season 6: “For the rumor spreaders… @dancemomholly and I are not leaving #DanceMoms have a nice day.”

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