‘Damn Daniel’ Rewarded With Lifetime Supply Of Vans

‘Damn Daniel’ Rewarded With Lifetime Supply Of Vans
Photo Credit: Carson Savage via Compfight cc
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Damn Daniel, a video showcasing a kid praising the outfit of his friend Daniel in a ridiculous voice, had gone viral.


The Damn Daniel video has earned Josh (the kid behind the camera) and Daniel a spot on Ellen, which tells a lot about how much popularity this clip has received, GQ reports. Being on Ellen is a dream come true for the kids, and we are sure that the show is going to get good ratings.

However, one thing you cannot help but think is that no matter how much you enjoy the praises of Josh or how intuitively the clip has been shot, the real winner out of the whole thing is none other than Vans. Vans have been a popular choice of shoes by kids for decades.

Since the Damn Daniel video went viral, listings for white Vans with extreme prices have started to pop up on eBay. However, in the interview, Daniel has made it clear that all of those listings are not for the original white Vans, and many are not authentic.

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So white Vans are back in the limelight due to the Damn Daniel video, which has earned this 14-year-old kid a lifetime supply of sneakers. One more thing to note is that Vans is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, and we could not help but think that this might be just another marketing strategy.