Who Is ‘Damn Daniel’, And Why Is He Internet-Famous?

Who Is ‘Damn Daniel’, And Why Is He Internet-Famous?
From Daniel Lara / Twitter

“Damn Daniel” is the newest online sensation. It is a video that went viral on Twitter after a friend of Daniel Lara posted a video showing him walking around. It is just a simple video which was made viral by Josh Holz.


The overnight Internet sensation Daniel Lara is a high schooler and has nothing extraordinary to brag about in particular, Pop Sugar reports. In the video, “Damn Daniel” is repeated numerous times along with a phrase, “back at it again with the white Vans.”

The video was posted on Twitter on Feb 15. Josh was unable to control his amusement and spoke out about “Damn Daniel.” The video has been retweeted more than 200,000 times, reports Hollywood Life, and Daniel became so popular.

“Damn Daniel” has nothing that is hilarious in particular. However, the phrase has become a popular one when it comes to complimenting friends. The phrases uttered in the video have inspired people to create raps. Rappers Little, Teej and LeBlanc took the video and converted it to a song. This has made it even more popular.

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It is not sure why Damn Daniel has become popular, but after watching the video for some time, it is impossible to get the phrase out of your head.

Daniel, who is still in high school, is a fan of Kendall Jenner. He posted photographs of the star on his Twitter account. He has posted a number of pictures on Twitter off late, but it does not seem that he wants to make himself popular by any means. However, the lad can only sit back and enjoy his popularity on social media for the time being.