Dallas Mavericks Rumors: Mavs Could Land Dennis Schroder Next Summer?

Dallas Mavericks Rumors: Mavs Could Land Dennis Schroder Next Summer?
Dennis Schroder Keith Allison/ Flickr cc

The Dallas Mavericks have had their share of getting a reliable point guard but their fortunes could change during NBA Free Agency 2017. This is one department they could improve on and two names come to mind – Derrick Rose and Dennis Schroder.


Rose is currently with the New York Knicks but has a history of health issues. He could end up in free agency but his performance for the coming season will play a pivotal role in all that.

When healthy, he is still one of the best point guards available. If he manages to play through the 2016-17 NBA season smoothly, his stock is expected to rise once more. But what if Shroder is available?

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Dennis Schroder is younger and durable

Between Rose and Schroder, a better investment would be the latter. Schroder has shown promise for the Atlanta Hawks and the kinks to his armor can be improved with the guidance of head coach Rick Carlisle.

But before going that far, will the Atlanta Hawks let him off that easily? Schroder may not be among the top names NBA Free Agency 2017 will have to offer but he will get offers. Nevertheless, the Hawks can match any offer thrown at him.

Like Rose, it all depends on how he performs this coming season. He is likely to inherit the starting point guard roles with Jeff Teague now with the Indiana Pacers, Fox Sports reported.

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Who do the Dallas Mavericks eye?

The Dallas Mavericks would be wise to prioritize Schroder over Rose. While Rose is a proven commodity, his knees are suspect. But if they do sign Schroder, it should be a process.

Given that practice of Dallas signing players short-term, Rose makes sense. But will Mark Cuban take that risk on someone who has been hampered by injuries the past two seasons over a young and rising star in Schroder?

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