Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Tony Romo Won’t Start, Dak Prescott To Keep Spot?

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Tony Romo Won’t Start, Dak Prescott To Keep Spot?
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Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott is showing why he is the answer to the quarterback woes of coach Jason Garrett though team owner Jerry Jones continues to in denial. He remains loyal to Tony Romo despite the fact that he has become a bit brittle.


At 36, seeing Tony Romo spend more time in sick bay is understandable. He is signed until 2018 but the worst thing that Jones and Garrett are doing is ignore what they have at their hands. Prescott is seen as the future of Dallas Cowboys football but why wait if the kids is already showing his potential?

Experience is neat, but winning is more important.

Jones has been known to make mistakes in the past and the last thing he can do right now is deciding on the fate of the Dallas Cowboys quarterbacking position. There seems to be no problem right now but one could crop up if he sticks by his rant of giving Romo his starting position once he is 100-percent healthy.

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Until Romo proves that he is good to go, the Cowboys could push back his return, NFL.com reported. He was previously speculated to return either in week 8 or 9 but it looks like all that will be pushed back.

Dallas Cowboys have Prescott’s back.

What Jones fails to see is pretty much clear in the eyes of the Cowboys roster. Riding high on a 5-1 card, the guys will reportedly vouch for Prescott at starting QB. Seeing where they are now, it hardly comes as a surprise.

So if the team is dialed in, all that is left is Jones. Romo does have the experience but why delve in such with a talented rookie that just made the record books. Prescott surpassed Tom Brady for most pass completions in a season at 176 and there is no indication that he is slowing down, SB Nation reported.

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With a working formula, Jones may just have to accept the fact that Romo is yesterday’s news and Prescott is the new star of the show. He may have just realized that now and changing his quarterback at some point this season could botch a potential Super Bowl stint.

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