Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Dak Prescott Is Ready To Pick Up From Tony Romo Era

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Dak Prescott Is Ready To Pick Up From Tony Romo Era
Tony Romo Keith Allison / Flickr cc
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The Dallas Cowboys are getting a glimpse of the future in Dak Prescott even if owner Jerry Jones continues to bat for Tony Romo. Prescott has been doing magnificently with Romo nursing a back injury, the last of which was their win over the Cincinnati Bengals.


Jerry Jones Stubbornly In Denial?

Tony Romo is expected to return at some point and Jerry Jones maintains that he will return to starting quarterback duties. The only plausible reason seen is that Jones’ fondness of Romo plus his experience, according to Bleacher Report.

Seeing however that Romo has become injury prone, his durability could hinder the Cowboys NFL run. Also, it begs to ask how Prescott will deal with a demotion despite leading the Cowboys magnificently so far.

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Dak Prescott Is A Rare Breed Jones Needs To Keep

Aside from being younger, Prescott’s brilliance radiated on the stat sheet. He is on the verge of breaking New England Patriots’ Tom Brady of 163 attempts without an interception, being just 8 passes away from the record, Bleacher Report reported.

Aside from those, Prescott is blessed with a rushing ability to back those all up. That was on full display when he finished with 18-of-24 for 227 yards against the Bengals.

Jones Playing It Safe with Two Quarterbacks

While he obviously prefers to stick with Romo, Jones considers having two reliable quarterbacks a privilege. For the 2016-17 NFL season that could stick but the scenario is expected to be different and Prescott will likely draw interest from teams in search of a new quarterback.

Jones can play hardball against suitors but the eventual decision may be at the hands of Prescott. With a successful rookie season, it won’t be surprising for him to seek a starting position moving forward.

As a backup, such deprives Prescott of his game brilliance. The rookie knows that all too well and his talent is something that could be of good use for other teams willing to make him their new starting quarterback.

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