Dakota Access Pipeline Protest: Loaded Guns, Armored Police Vehicles Deployed Against Native Americans (Photos, Videos)

Dakota Access Pipeline Protest: Loaded Guns, Armored Police Vehicles Deployed Against Native Americans (Photos, Videos)
Protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline Fibonacci Blue / Flickr cc
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Individuals were arrested during the Dakota Access Pipeline protest by law enforcement officers assigned there.


The protesters were arrested from two construction sites, one along the DAPL south, the other at the west of St. Anthony. The protesters were arrested by officials for multiple crimes including resisting arrest, criminal trespass on private property, and possession of stolen property.

It was reported that tow trucks were brought in to transport five impounded vehicles.

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According to a press released from Morton County Sheriff’s Department, while officers responded at the venue, they came across several people and horses on private property. During that moment, a protester on horseback from the Dakota Access Pipeline protest charged at an officer, which is considered an act of aggression.

Due to this, the officer reciprocated with proper amount of force by raising his weapon, which had less-lethal ammunition.

“Our officers are trained to respond to the threats they perceive and to take appropriate action. A charging horse combined with totality of the situation presented an imminent threat to the officer,” said Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.

“The safety of our citizens is paramount. Our number one priority is and always will be public safety for the residents of Morton County and our visitors.”

According to Valley News Live, police stated that an airplane flew over protesters dropping mustard or tear gas. However, further investigations into the matter confirmed that it was a crop duster spraying a field.

As public safety was under threat, law enforcement responded to the Dakota Access Pipeline protest with specialized equipment and weapons, which included armored vehicles and less lethal ammunition using bean-bag rounds.

As of now, a total of ninety-five people were arrested because of the protests. The Morton County Sheriff’s Office urged civilians to report any suspicious activity thru 701-667-3330.

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