Dakota Access Pipeline News: Media Cover-up, Fake Twitter Accounts And Latest Update

Dakota Access Pipeline News: Media Cover-up, Fake Twitter Accounts And Latest Update
Protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline Fibonacci Blue / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The controversy surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project is beginning to escalate into a higher level with different conflicting sides of the story, including the alleged media cover up this whole national issue.


The issue of the media cover up has stemmed from a Facebook post of a certain netizen Tyler Eldridge, showing an alleged big crowd opposing the construction of the crude oil-dredging facility in the vast open field.

DAPL Cover-up

The proposed pipeline project, which many believe could pose threat to the environment, covers the states of Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois. But as it turned out, the photo was taken from an old Getty image of a Woodstock concert in Bethel, New York, in 1969.

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Aside from its potential environmental hazards, the area where the vast crude oil transport site will be built, is home to various sacred tribal sites. The U.S Justice Department issued an injunction order ordering the company, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), to stop the construction of the project while both parties are being heard, the Fortune reported.

According to a report from DeSmog, a front group could be behind the proliferation of pro-DAPL Twitter accounts that are responsible for spreading misleading tweets aimed to misinform and confuse the public.


The report specifically tagged the Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure Now (MAIN), that’s may be behind the creation of these fake Tweeter accounts responsible for spreading pro-DAPL tweets.

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But Kelcy Warren, chairman and CEO of ETP in a statement said that they have designed the proposed DAPL as safe and more efficient in transporting crude oil. Apart from its safety, Warren also emphasized how important the project is in the country’s oil supply.

“Once operational, the project will safely move American oil to American markets. It will reduce our dependence on oil from unstable regions of the world and drive down the cost of petroleum products for American industry and consumers,” Warren said in a statement.

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