Daily Mail Closing After Gawker? Melania Trump Hires Hulk Hogan Lawyer To Take Down UK News Outlet

Daily Mail Closing After Gawker? Melania Trump Hires Hulk Hogan Lawyer To Take Down UK News Outlet
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Daily Mail has found itself in controversy. Possible First Lady of the United States Melania Trump reportedly sued the UK news outlet for an allegedly malicious article that exposes her past.


Last week, the Daily Mail published an article about the wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump titled “Naked photoshoots, and troubling questions about visas that won’t go away: The VERY racy past of Donald Trump’s Slovenian wife.”

But the article did not sit well with the Trumps, and now, they are seeking legal services of Charles Harder, Hawk Hogan’s lawyer who handled a similar case filed against website Gawker, which shut down last week. This leads to questions and speculation as to whether Daily Mail would follow suit in shutting down.

Daily Mail Closing?

The article in question details Melania’s alleged past, exposing her days in New York, where she was allegedly posting nude for various men and lesbian-oriented magazine. The article, which cited a Slovenian journalist, also exposed how Melania and Trump fabricated their first alleged meeting.

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The part that irked Melania concerns the statements claiming she was an “escort” during the 1990s. Other news outfits have been slapped with criminal charges in and outside of the United Kingdom, Politico reported.

“All such statements are 100% false, highly damaging to her reputation, and personally hurtful. She understands that news media have certain leeway in a presidential campaign, but outright lying about her in this way exceeds all bounds of appropriate news reporting and human decency,” Harder said in a statement, as quoted by Politico.

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  • DiscourseDiatribe

    Good, like gawker these scum need to be shuttered

  • Tony

    Daily Mail is not saying it. Many people are saying it!