Crying Michael Jordan Meme Steals Limelight In His Birthday

Crying Michael Jordan Meme Steals Limelight In His Birthday
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Michael Jordan,the living legend, turns 53 today. And he is weeping incessantly, and the tears won’t stop soon. What made the birthday boy break into tears? Michael Jordan is crying because the Carolina Panthers have lost the Super Bowl 50.


The meme became viral then created a stir in social media on the eve of his birthday. The now-famous image was captured on September 11, 2009, when Jordan was introduced as a Hall of Famer of Basketball, reports ESPN.

That evening, he was in tears, delivering a memorably candid induction speech in Springfield, Massachusetts. The world saw him in a vulnerable and emotional moment. Over the past year, the player from “Space Jam” has been portrayed in memes as a crying guy, according to

“It just seems to have an appropriateness for so many different circumstances,” revealed Andrew Selepak, who is the director of the social media graduate program at University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications. “That face can be used for a meme for a number of different levels, whether it’s sports or non-sports related. But because of the passion people have for sports, I think it has legs like few other memes that have been popular in the past.”

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Stephan Savoia, the Associated Press photographer who captured the special moment, knew he had some special stuff in his kitty. But did he ever expected such attention before posting it? Savoia finds real emotions in Jordan’s tears.

“It was the first time in maybe 40 years I had ever seen an athlete cry,” he revealed in Wall Street Journal. “There’s a real distinction between honest emotion and what we in the business call ‘jubi’ or jubilation. … Michael Jordan crying. That was a real moment.”

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