‘Cruel Intentions’ TV Series Updates: Who’s Replacing Reese Witherspoon?

‘Cruel Intentions’ TV Series Updates: Who’s Replacing Reese Witherspoon?
Cruel Intentions, Sarah Michelle Gellar via Facebook
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Reese Witherspoon will not be back to reprise her role in the upcoming “Cruel Intentions” TV show. However, a “Drop Dead Diva” actress will be filling in for her. Considering the replacement looks quite similar to Witherspoon’s facial features, it won’t be so hard for Sarah Michelle Gellar to continue her role as Kathryn Merteuil. The thing is, this turn of event sparks up the rivalry between these two lead women roles back on screen.


It has been more than a decade since “Cruel Intentions.” NBC has finally decided it will be airing “Cruel Intentions” TV Show and have Gellar play the role of Merteuil. Witherspoon on the other hand won’t be back to reprise her role as Annette Hargrove. Instead a Witherspoon look-a-like “Drop Dead Diva” actress, Kate Levering, was confirmed to partake the role as Witherspoon’s replacement in the franchise, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Annette is a sweet and a strong woman who is also a devoted Christian, whose life hasn’t been as magnificent until Sebastian Valmont came along. Sebastian was originally played by Ryan Phillippe, Witherspoon’s real life ex-husband.

In the upcoming “Cruel Intentions” TV show, Annette and Sebastian’s son, Bash Casey, to be played by Taylor John Smith, will be haunted by his past. Of course, by haunting it means that Kathryn bringing turmoil to the young boy’s life. She is set to take control over Valmont International and along comes with this is controlling Bash’s life. When Bash learned about the truth behind his parents’ past, he will leave his small-town life and conquer New York. Here he will be exposed to a different society full of power, money, sex, and corruption.

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Coby Bell was recently cast to take the role of Kathryn’s husband, Pascal Barrett – a charming lawyer from California who also serves as billionaire Edward Valmont’s attorney as reported by Deadline. Initially, when Casey shows his face in the company, Bell befriends him. However, Kathryn urges him to bring doom to the boy’s life. The couple will then implement dark plans, and a lot of scheming of course, that would torment young Casey’s life.

NBC has yet to announce air date for “Cruel Intentions” TV Shows. Filming has not yet been started as of press time.