Cristiano Ronaldo Recovery Update: Injured Soccer Star Sports Knee Brace In Ibiza Vacation

Cristiano Ronaldo Recovery Update: Injured Soccer Star Sports Knee Brace In Ibiza Vacation
Cristiano Ronaldo Ludovic Peron / Flickr cc

Cristiano Ronaldo certainly didn’t let a little injury stop him from enjoying his Ibiza vacation to the fullest. Sporting a knee brace, the Portugal football star hit the beach while recovering from his injury.


Amazingly, his team managed to win the Euro 2016 without their forward. And despite his injuries, the 31-year old managed to join his team to celebrate their victory.

According to Hollywood Life, pictures show Ronaldo vacationing in Ibiza and by the looks of it; his knee is healing just fine. Wearing pink shorts, a Nike tank top, and a knee brace, the injured football player was seen walking on the white sand of Ibiza’s beach.

Surrounded by his family namely his mother and his young son, Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be enjoying his recovery. He joins them in the water, uninhibited by the recent injury or the cumbersome knee brace.

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According to The Daily Mail, even in his vacation, he is committed to recovering as fast as possible. With La Liga inching closer, it’s no wonder he can’t wait to get back on the turf.

He suffered the injury during Portugal’s game with France, colliding with player Dmitri Payet. Ronaldo left the field in tears but his team later went on to win the match 1-0.

It put him out of action for the rest of the matches and was unable to fully contribute to his team’s triumph in the Euro 2016. While it was definitely a letdown for him and for fans, the injury might reveal a more determined Ronaldo.

His attentions are now on focused on the new season where he will play the forward for Real Madrid. He has been the club’s leading scorer overtaking Spanish striker Raul.

According to Raul, nobody expected Cristiano Ronaldo to become the top scorer for the last seven seasons. He has an incredible desire to meet his objectives and keep working.

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