Criminal Minds Season 12 Cast, Release Dates, Spoilers: Who Will Be Killed Off? Major Character Returning?

Criminal Minds Season 12 Cast, Release Dates, Spoilers: Who Will Be Killed Off? Major Character Returning?
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The upcoming Criminal Minds Season 12 may become the most menacingly tricky season based on recent information and spoilers that surfaced online. Here are things we know so far.


Major Characters To Die?

There remains a possibility that few of the shows characters could be killed off, as a major part of the plot will focus on the previously convicted UnSubs, who escaped in a series of prison breaks in the last season. The capabilities of these people and their vendettas with the BAU are known facts already.

Hotch, JJ, Garcia, Rossi or anyone else could be in danger of getting killed. However, the question remains whether the show is ready to make such a major change in the plot yet.

If it is planning to let the characters continue to be a part of the show, then it is unlikely that anyone would be killed off soon. Letting go of a long time character could have a devastating effect on the viewers as they have developed a close bonding with these characters over the years.

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According to Cartermatt, the show decided not to kill off Derek Morgan, even though Shemar Moore was all set to bid goodbye to the series. This was because it wanted the viewers to believe that he was heading for a better life.

Criminal Minds is one of those shows that reflect crime violently. However, at the core it aims to establish the main characters as heroes.

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Thus, an actor leaving the show without the intention to return in the future can be killed off. Because in this case, the viewers would want to know what happened to the character and the makers are under the obligation to explain it to them.

Fan Favorite Returning To Criminal Minds Season 12

Criminal Minds Season 12 will bring back a few beloved characters as well. The exit of Paget Brewster from the show did ruffle a few feathers among the fans.

Following a few guest appearances in the subsequent seasons, the show is all set to bring back her character Emily Prentiss for bigger number of episodes. Along with, Brewster, Criminal Minds Season 12 will also see the return of Aisha Tyler’s Dr. Tara Lewis, the Cinema Blend reported.

“We’re excited to have Paget Brewster back for multiple episodes in our 12th season,” showrunner Erica Messer was quoted as saying by Yahoo TV. “The BAU can use more help this year since they’ve got a lot of known and unknown subjects to catch.”

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