Creepy Clowns Lure Kids Into Woods: Clowns ‘Whispering And Making Noises,’ According To Witnesses

Creepy Clowns Lure Kids Into Woods: Clowns ‘Whispering And Making Noises,’ According To Witnesses
Circus Clown Anthony / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0
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What's This?

Panic ensued after residents in a quiet apartment complex in Greenville County began seeing a person dressed as a clown roaming around the neighborhood and luring children into the woods.


Police deputies were dispatched last week at the Fleetwood Manor Apartments, Fleetwood Road after a woman claimed her son saw a clown the night of August 21, the WSPA reported.

A testimony from another witness said that a man dressed as a clown was seen near a dumpster. The resident added that the clown waved at her, to which she responded by waving back. The clown, though, did not approach the woman.

Clowns Luring Kids

Other reports claim that the clown has been luring children into the woods with large money. The clown was reportedly living in a property near the vicinity where he was originally seen.

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Distressed and puzzled, local police issued an operation to determine the veracity of reports and to know whether any of these claims are true. The Greenville County Sheriff’s office, however, noted that this was the first and so far only report about clown sightings.

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More Clowns

In alerting its residents, the Fleetwood Manor Apartment has issued a letter, asking them to remain vigilant amid the fear caused by the alleged man dressed as a clown.

Meanwhile, a separate report from WYFF4 News showed that the sighting happened in another upstate residential complex this Monday. According to the report, residents at the Emerald Commons had reported seeing the clown at around 8:20 p.m. on Monday.

Local police in the area reported that several residents have called, including a child, reporting the sighting of the man.

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