Cowboys Rookie Ezekiel Elliott Won’t Face Criminal Charges

Cowboys Rookie Ezekiel Elliott Won’t Face Criminal Charges
Ezekiel Elliott WOSNsports / Wikimedia cc

Ezekiel Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys’ rookie running back, won’t face criminal charges for the alleged domestic violence incident involving his ex-girlfriend in July, according to several reports.


On Tuesday, the Columbus (Ohio) City Attorney’s Office announced its decision to drop all charges against Elliot due to the “conflicting and inconsistent information” it had received during its investigation.

The office also said that Elliot had shown full cooperation during the investigation and offered the requisite paperwork, photographs and photographs to support his case.

Ezekiel Elliott is innocent, says father

Stacy Elliot, the father of Ezekiel, who had previously claimed that his son was a victim of a conspiracy, said on Tuesday that the family was relived and ready to move past the incident.

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“I’m very relieved. I thank the prosecutors for being fair, for weighing out the evidence as it was presented. I want to thank Ezekiel’s legal team for its diligence,” Stacy told ESPN’s Liz Merrill in a statement.

In July, Stacy told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Tiffany Thompson, the alleged victim, was trying to frame his son and that the truth would emerge during the investigation.

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“The reported allegations and Internet postings regarding our son are completely false. Ezekiel has done nothing wrong. The police have investigated this matter and eyewitnesses have verified the lack of any wrongdoing. The actual evidence in this matter clearly indicates what the real motivation was behind the police being called.

“We are confident that when the truth comes to light it will reveal the falsity of these claims. Ezekiel has been fully cooperative with the police and will continue to do so – along with cooperating with the NFL – moving forward,” added the statement from Stacy.

Only July 22, Thompson had filed two police complaints against Elliot. Thompson alleged that Elliot had struck her “several times” and left “bruises on her arms” over a five-day period.

The NFL, which has introduced a anti-domestic violence policy, promptly intervened and encouraged a full investigation into the allegations.

Ezekiel Elliott, drafted No.4 overall by the Cowboys during this year’s draft, will step onto the field for the first time on Sunday as Dallas square off against the New York Giants in the season opener.

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