Cortana Vs. Siri: Should You Choose Microsoft’s Cortana Over Apple’s Siri On iOS?

Cortana Vs. Siri: Should You Choose Microsoft’s Cortana Over Apple’s Siri On iOS?
SIRI Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Apple’s SIRI is the most famous artificial intelligent assistant. Microsoft’s Cortana is another voice-activated assistant in the race. As Cortana comes to iOS, it is now a war between the two for the number 1 position. So let us see who wins the race when the battle is between Cortana vs. Siri.


Cortana, being the USP of “Windows 10,” an operating system that has just entered the market, Microsoft decided to widen the customer-base by launching a beta app for Android as well as iOS. Let us keep Google Now aside and focus on today’s hottest battle, Cortana Vs. Siri.

Siri as well as Cortana can set alarms, reminders, launch applications, search the web, check movie timings, make changes to settings, create calendar events, make calls to people in your contact list, get directions, send text messages, send emails and help you with conversions.

Cortana vs Siri 2015 edition

Here is where Cortana leads when we speak about Cortana vs. Siri, as there a few things that Microsoft’s assistant can do but Apple’s assistant can’t:

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  1. Look for flight timing and other flight information

  2. Music recognition, similar to Shazam

  3. Reminders based on contacts: Reminds you if you are to send someone an email or text message

Besides offering extra features, Microsoft’s Cortana covers more devices than Siri. Apart from Windows 8.1, Cortana is also available on mobile as well as PC for Windows 10 users via Windows Insider. The best part is that this digital assistant is set to arrive at Xbox in 2016. Instead of using two different assistants, you can stick to one, as it would not lead to confusion between who does what.

Right now, Microsoft Cortana looks like a better option. Cortana, though, is still in beta stage and hence fails to deliver excellent performance. That is not the case with Siri. This assistant has been through its ups and downs, but it has emerged as one of the best voice-activated assistants out there. Today, it is stable and performs better than Cortana. But yes, Microsoft’s artificial intelligent assistant’s performance may improve with time.

Cortana Vs. Siri: The verdict? Right now, Siri is a clear winner for iOS.