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Cop Saves Baby’s Life And Becomes Her Godfather (See Photos)

Cop Saves Baby’s Life And Becomes Her Godfather (See Photos)
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Cop Saves Baby’s Life And Becomes Her Godfather (See Photos)

It’s a distress call that can terrify even the most veteran of police officers: a baby choking to death and fading fast.

This is exactly the 911 call that came in for police officer Kenneth Knox of Greenville Georgia. The veteran officer of 25 years had been dispatched to the home of Meona Parham where her two-month-baby, Ma’Yavi was choking on a cereal.

It turns out that the young child had been suffering from a bad case of acid reflux so her doctor recommended mixing a bit of cereal and applesauce in her milk to make her drink thicker. But now, that combination has caused young Ma’Yavi to desperately gasp for air.

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” I had fed her an hour prior to her choking we were sitting outside in my car and all of a sudden she started gasping for air and white stuff was coming out her nose and mouth,” Parham told WTVM.

” I called her dad, [and] he jumped off the porch grabbed her out my arms and started blowing in her face we both didn’t know what to do so I called 911 and Officer Knox was first to arrive.”

According to Knox, Ma’Yavi was already “turning blue and fading fast” when got to the family’s home. Thanks to his quick thinking, Knox decided to do a reverse CPR onthe baby and managed to suck the cereal out that had been lodged in her throat.

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“She smiled at me for a second and then starting crying which was music to my ears,” he later recalled in a Facebook post.

Just a few days ago, Officer Knox was also proud to announced that he has now taken a more permanent guardian role in young Ma’Yavi’s life. “Ma’Yavi Parham is now my God daughter which blesses me as a person and a man. I am the one who was blessed with her being brought into my life,” he announced.

Thanks to Officer Knox, young Ma’Yavi is alive, happy and vibrant again.

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