Cool Gadgets On Display At The IFA Tech Fair

Cool Gadgets On Display At The IFA Tech Fair
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This year’s IFA Tech Fair is running all the way until September 9 in Berlin and there are plenty of new, cool gadgets that can excite just about anyone! After all, everyone’s favorite brands are here, whether they be wearables, household appliances, television, car media, audio, photo or home entertainment. These brands are coming from all over the world including USA, Japan, China, Germany, Korea, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia and the United Kingdom.

For starters, Huawei unveiled the elegant Huawei Watch that matches timeless design with smart technology. The watch line boasts of a high-definition 1.4 AMOLED display, cold-forged 316L stainless steel casing and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Moreover, customers have a choice between fine leather and stainless steel straps.


The Huawei Watch also practices discretion when letting you know that you have text message, call, email or reminder. You can also prompt it to look up something with your voice via Google Now. What’s more, it has about 1.5 days of battery life.

Meanwhile, if you can’t choose between a tablet or laptop, Toshiba has a solution for you with its recently unveiled Toshiba Radius 12. It’s a 12.5-inch 4K convertible laptop that proudly utilizes the brand new Windows 10 system. Moreover, it folds easily so you can readily treat this laptop as a tablet.

From Slovenia comes a wearable device that can make sure you never lose or misplace anything again! Crowd funded via Kickstarter, Chipolo d.o.o. introduces the Chipolo, a slim Bluetooth-enabled item finding device that works well with iOS, Android and Windows. All you have do is tag anything valuable to you, such as your bag, keys, laptop and wallet. And in case you can’t find, the Chipolo app on your phone will help you locate your tagged item. This way, Chipolo believes that “nothing is lost.”

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Meanwhile, if you like beer, you will love the first ever automated homebrewing machine created by Automatische Heimbrauerei from Hungary. The Brewie lets you brew your kind of beer right at home. Just choose your kind of brew, place the ingredients into the machine and get ready to enjoy homemade beer.

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There are as much as 1,645 exhibitors showing off their products at the IFA this year. Visit all of them at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.