Contest Alert: Microsoft Building HoloLens App Based On Your Idea

Contest Alert: Microsoft Building HoloLens App Based On Your Idea
Microsoft Mike Mozart / Flickr CC BY 2.0

For the HoloLens App, Microsoft wants you to get involved. The company is asking you to share ideas for the app, if you have any. Microsoft on its site, MicrosoftStudio, announced the contest.


In the post, Microsoft asks users to share their best ideas for the holographic community till January 11, 2016. Yes, the time is limited. So if you are interested, you need to think as fast as you can and yet still be the best. “The Microsoft HoloLens community is bursting with spectacular ideas for how holographic computing will transform our world. We believe the most incredible HoloLens apps will come out of ideas you imagine together,” says the post. The company assures that it will keep guiding you on the development aspects of HoloLens app, as well as help you identify concepts to make the best use of the technology. They will also guide you on how to build these ideas.

These ideas will then be reviewed by Microsoft’s development team, and the three best ideas will be put up on Twitter for voting. The HoloLens development team of artists, designers and developers will then start working on your idea to create the app. As mentioned on the site, you will be a “part of weekly build reviews, Q&A sessions, and more. Take a front row seat to see how it comes to life.”

What’s next? Microsoft will later open-source the code so the HoloLens community can build from it. So are you ready to be an integral part of Microsoft’s HoloLens community? If yes, visit Microsoft Studio and submit your idea.

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