Consumer Electronics Show: Virtual Reality And More At CES 2016

Consumer Electronics Show: Virtual Reality And More At CES 2016
Samsung TVs and booth – CES 2011 – Consumer Electronics Show – Las Vegas, NV David Berkowitz / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Everyone from the tech industry is looking forward to the Consumer Electronics Show. Company partnerships, announcements, launches? What’s in store at CES 2016? Earlier, news was that even Samsung Galaxy S7 will be unveiled at the CES, but it later turned out to be a rumor. So now, what can we expect from CES this year?


Virtual reality is going to rock the show. Many well-known brands like Sony, HTC and Samsung may showcase VR headsets at the Consumer Electronics Show. As reported by Consumer Reports, we can get to see a lot of cheap virtual reality headsets. These can be similar to Google Cardboard. According to The Globe And Mail, “There will be more than 40 augmented or virtual-reality booths at CES pitching an array of devices, experiences and services.” Other than VR, here is what to expect at CES from January 6 to 9.

“Smart Home” gadgets, cars and 4K are things we are looking forward to. Reports suggest that 115 automotive companies and ten automakers are participating. 4K technology is also relatively new. There are not many devices that support this tech. But at the Consumer Electronics Show, we can expect 4K to get a boost, as companies are going to put forth a lot of 4K TVs. 8K TVs are also lined up. YouTube can also make noteworthy announcements at CES 2016. These may include distribution of 4K content, content plans, etc.

Drones, cars, augmented reality and wearables are also going to be under the spotlight at the Consumer Electronics Show. We will keep updating about the show. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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