Conspiracy Theory: Tall White Aliens Guided John F. Kennedy During His Term As President?

Conspiracy Theory: Tall White Aliens Guided John F. Kennedy During His Term As President?
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The whole conspiracy theory that aliens have been aiding the development of humanity has seen a surge in recent years. A photo of a man standing behind President John F. Kennedy is now being proclaimed as proof of aliens by a new book.


The photo shows JFK and General Curtis Emerson LeMay with a strange-looking man in the background. The man is believed to be a shape-shifting alien who was giving advice to the president.

This is according to the book Tall Whites – Conspiracy by journalist-turned-sci-fi writer Francis Pearce. He explained that the man fits the description of the alien that has resided in the White House for decades.

The sci-fi thriller built upon the conspiracy theory that aliens have been advising the US government since the end of World War 2. Many believe this is the reason behind the huge technological leap humanity has experienced in the past century.

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Conspiracy Theory: Aliens Since World War 2?

According to Express, the “Tall White” conspiracy theory suggested that former president Dwight D. Eisenhower made a deal with ET in exchange for technology. It also states that the United States is run by a parallel government led by scientists and military personnel.

The organization, known as the Majestic 12, has been selling out the human race for decades. The group has also been linked to all the unexplained events in the the country such as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the Roswell sightings.

UFO sightings started to rise after World War 2, which suggests that extraterrestrials might have gotten permission to roam the planet. This also explains the increase in alleged alien abductions.

If this proves to be true, it would mean that all the technology we take for granted are brought to us by aliens. But is it really worth to compromise the safety of humanity in exchange for technology?

Keep an eye out for each conspiracy theory to finally answer the question: Are we alone in the universe?

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