‘The Conjuring 2′ News: Filming Roused Evil Spirits?

‘The Conjuring 2′ News: Filming Roused Evil Spirits?
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Could it be possible that evil spirits were roused with the filming of “The Conjuring 2”?


There are now several reports of weird things happening to a number of moviegoers after they have watched the horror flick, “The Conjuring 2.”

Did filming “The Conjuring 2” have something to do with it?

Based on the latest updates, weird things did not only happen to its viewers but also to some people on the set of “Th Conjuring 2.”

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In an interview with Star 2 in Seoul, South Korea, “Conjuring 2” director James Wan admitted that the production team had experienced spooky things as well while filming at one of the sound stages at the Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank, California.

“They saw that at the end of the sound stage, there was these huge curtain drapes,” Wan narrated. “They started swaying on their own.”

“They just kept moving. None of the doors were opened, the air-conditioning was switched off,” he continued. “They just moved on their own.”

Accordingly, lead actor Patrick Wilson was able to capture the incident on tape, which was shown to the 39-year-old “The Conjuring 2” director later on.

“And I just watched the video Patrick showed me and this person who was filming just walked right up to the curtain and he saw the whole thing swaying non-stop,” he shared. “And he goes to look behind the curtain and there’s no one there swaying it and there’s no wind in the room.”

He continued to dish that he might just be unaware of his own experiences of the horrific incidents because “I’m always so busy. I’m always moving so quickly. I don’t have the chance to notice anything.”

In the meantime, Cinema Blend reported that with the success of the sequel to the 2013 American supernatural horror film “The Conjuring,” a spinoff might already be on its way.

“Maybe we can go and do it like a classic American Werewolf in London style,” Wan reportedly said about the possible “The Conjuring 2” successor. “That would be awesome!”

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