Confirmed: Android Pay Coming To UK Markets Soon!

Confirmed: Android Pay Coming To UK Markets Soon!
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Earlier this month, reports of the Android Pay making its way to the UK have buzzed through the Internet. The news then was half-baked, but somehow, people got excited as it could be a major turning point for the mobile payment industry. But now, it is confirmed by Google itself! Now we bring you the latest update regarding the topic.


Google, after weeks of being coy on the topic, confirmed and said that its mobile payment platform is extending in the UK within the coming months. A number of UK banks are supporting it when it launches. The platform will be supporting MasterCard and Visa credit as well as debit cards, reports Wired.

A list of the parties involved in supporting the contactless payment platform was also revealed. It includes the Bank of Scotland, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, M&S Bank, MBNA and Nationwide. The search engine said that support for other businesses and banks will be added on a later date, so just stay tuned.

Ars Technica also adds that like its competitor the Apple Pay, Google’s Android Pay can be used at all contactless point of sale which includes transportation in London trains and buses. However, since it still does not support NFC, it might be disappointing to know that you still can’t use a smartwatch as an alternative means of the contactless payment.

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But who knows, right? Maybe it will give in to the pressure in the coming months. Meanwhile, with the UK launch in mind, it can be noted that this would be the second market Android Pay is going to arrive at after being introduced in September 2005 in the U.S.

In other news, Barclays, one of the well-known banks in the UK, is once again not participating in the launch of Google’s contactless payment service. Last time, it has also disappointed clients for failing to support Apple Pay when it launched.

Engadget says that the company said that as of now, Barclays is not planning to support the said contactless payment platform. However, while it is not joining Google’s payment service anytime soon, it has been confirmed that it will be supporting Apple Pay soon. No dates have been announced yet.

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