Companies Come Forward To Show Support After Paris Attacks; Here’s How You Can Contribute

Companies Come Forward To Show Support After Paris Attacks; Here’s How You Can Contribute

France went through one of its toughest times due to the recent Paris attacks on November 13. The whole world was devastated to know of such brutal attack against French nationals. Companies and celebrities have come forward to show support for Paris.


One such incentive is taken by Facebook to show support for Paris. It activated the safety check feature where people in France can let friends know they are safe after the Paris attacks. Facebook users are also showing support by overlying the France flag on their profile pictures. It is a way to show support for the country in this time of distress.

If you want to show support for Paris through Facebook, click the “Try It” button, which will change your profile picture for a few days. “Pray for Paris” is another campaign where users are posting the same picture to show that they care.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a message in his own profile stating his support for the victims. He mentioned in his post, “Violence like this has no place in any city or country in the world.”

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The world is showing support in their own ways. Queensland’s French community will be holding a rally in Brisbane, Australia to show the support. Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said in a statement, “Tonight we will be having the colors of blue, white and red on the Story Bridge as well as City Hall.”

Celebrities and sports stars have also come to show support after the Paris attacks. Kevin Seraphin, the NBA player who has a strong personal connection with the country, said, “It’s kind of sad, because… there’s nothing you can do about it,” adding, “Think about how some people went to see a soccer game and went to see a [concert] and you don’t really expect that. It’s just scary, now people are scared to go out and just do anything. I couldn’t believe… killing us as a human. For sure, we don’t want to see people living like that.”