College Bans Sale Of Energy Drinks Due To Links To Bad Behavior

College Bans Sale Of Energy Drinks Due To Links To Bad Behavior
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Middleburry College in Vermont has banned the sale of energy drinks, claiming it leads to bad behaviors among college students.


According to an official statement by the school administration published by college publication The Middleburry Campus, the ban came after a student proposed to the college’s Dining Services that consumption of energy drinks poses serious negative effects to health.

During the school’s Community Council meeting, Dining Software intern Myles Kamisher-Koch raised the issue before the council showing several research claiming energy drinks have more negative effects to the health than positive ones. Kamisher-Koch said the sale of energy drinks in the school’s Dining Service violates the school’s vision and mission in nurturing students.

Kamisher-Koch further claims, citing the research findings as her basis, that consumption of energy drinks fosters a “culture of stress” among the students. This is on top of tendencies of students to combine energy-booster drinks with alcoholic beverages, which creates problems both physically and academically.

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Middleburry student Jenna McNicholas backed Kamisher-Koch’s recommendation to ban energy drinks inside the campus, claiming it promotes risky sexual behavior, which she learned from psychology class.

The decision, which is set to take effect on March 7, will indefinitely ban the selling of energy drink products such as Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy. The school administration, however, noted that students are not barred from buying the same drinks outside the campus, as it is part of their rights.

An article from the Independent acknowledges the fact that there’s still no conclusive study that links the consumption of energy drinks to bad behavior. The report, however, notes while citing the British Soft Drinks Association that just any other food products that contain sugar, energy drinks should be taken in moderation.