Colin Kaepernick Race, Ethnicity, Parents: What You Need To Know About The 49ers QB After National Anthem Issue

Colin Kaepernick Race, Ethnicity, Parents: What You Need To Know About The 49ers QB After National Anthem Issue
Colin Kaepernick Mike Morbeck / Flickr cc

Colin Kaepernick made headlines once again after not standing for the United States national anthem before their preseason game against the Green Bay Packers on Friday. His recent actions revived talks about the San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s race, ethnicity and parents’ information.


In case you don’t know until know, the popular QB is Caucasian and African American, who was born on Nov. 3, 1987. Kaepernick grew up alongside Rick and Theresa Kaepernick, who are his adoptive parents.

Kapernick’s biological mother was a teenager when she gave birth to his son. She did not have enough money to support the baby after the father declined to take responsibility. In turn, the mother decided to place the baby for adoption. Rick and Theresa Kaepernick took and raised him since he was still just five weeks old.

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Fast forward to 2016, while there are still questions about his race and ethnicity, Kaepernick made a strong stand against racism in the United States, Pro Football Talk reported. The 28-year-old quarterback said that he cannot be proud of a country who does not treat black people equally.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Kaepernick defended his decision, saying that he wanted to send a strong message that he is against racial discrimination. Though the 49ers did not punish Kaepernick, he clarified that his team was not aware of his plan before the match.

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Kaepernick is also aware that his decision will be criticized. However, the five-year veteran said that he does not care — even if it means losing his job in the NFL or his endorsement deals.

“I am not looking for approval,” Kaepernick said. “I have to stand up for people that are oppressed.”

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  • nrthstaar

    This is news to me, I did not know he was popular.

    • Gertrude

      HE’S NOT

  • NDForever

    Spoiled little half white brat paid 19 mill a year to suck at quarterback who thinks that the Black on black violent crime rate, like, say, in town like Chicago that he prolly thinks is run by whites (it’s not) has something to do with white cops. In short, a strapping, well built moron who’d be stocking shelves at Walmart but for an ability to run fast with an air filled leather ball that he can’t throw very well and has a tendency to drop at in opportune times. F- – – him and the affirmative action program he rode in on to college. Expect him to have a morose year.

    • Sirhc

      Lol, I don’t even know where to start with your stupid rant. But I will say I think it’s funny that you let someone who you don’t know and did something that has no bearing on your life get you so upset.

      • steve bourg

        It’s not a matter of NDF being “upset”, it’s a matter of another spoiled celebrity/athlete hating our country because we’re “racist”. Colin literally owes his great life to the white couple who adopted him after his 2 african american parents abandoned him when he was 1 month old. He should believe the opposite of his moronic hatred of white people being racist. When it comes down to it, that’s really what he’s saying

        • Nehemiah Ben Israel

          Explain the repetitive “spoiled” comment. He worked hard and fought against all odds to make it where he is at. You internet fucktards are ridiculous and want to oversimplify everything that you can’t understand.

          • farrightextreme

            Against all odds my ass. He grew up with as much “white privilege” as anyone along with affirmative action.

          • Michelle Kirkwood

            How the hell do you know? Do you know him? Do you know that for a fact that he grew up with “white privilege”? No, you don’t. Even if he did, he’s still a black man in this society, meaning he’s obviously had to deal with his share of racism sometime in his life. Something you white folks criticizing him will never have to deal with.

          • CMartel2

            He is half white. What is your deal? Grow up.

          • it’s my opinion

            Let’s put it this way – if it were not for his “white parents” adopting him and he were still with his mother, he probably would not have been able to go to college, much less have the opportunity to play football. There are no odds to playing sports! There are at least as many, if not more, athletes who are black as white and other races. Quit acting like you are special. Everyone in this country has a chance to make something of themselves if they work hard. I get so tired of people seeing others as a race instead of just another person.

        • Sheila Morlas

          His mother was white, father black. Colin is actually half white…you know…like our President.

        • Michelle Kirkwood

          This country is and has always been racist. You’ree a damn fool and an idiot if you actually believe hat it isn’t. Usually it’s white people who have the luxury of saying that bull*** because they’re part of the majority, and because they never have to deal with racism.

          • CMartel2

            A white male is 18 times more likely to be murdered by a black man than a black man is likely to be murdered by a white man. There is your racism. My guess is that you haven’t even taken the time to research that despite you so-stated concern over racism.

          • Gertrude


        • Michelle Kirkwood

          Oh, and his white biological mother was the one who gave him up for adoption–you ignorant racists can never get you facts straight.

          • Marcos Montana

            His mother was not racist, she was a niqqer lover

          • CMartel2

            While his black father abandoned hI’m and refused to pay child support. Good for her, though. Far too many either abort the kid or selfishly keep a child when they can’t afford it, leaving the child in poverty. To give a child up for adoption is in a lot of ways an act of selflessness.

      • farrightextreme

        You only feel that way because you are a selfish idiot.

      • it’s my opinion

        It actually should upset everyone. That’s the problem in this country, if it doesn’t affect you, people just really don’t care. The fact that cops are being murdered by racist blacks should upset everyone. It’s ignorant people like Kaepernick that is setting a very poor example for the youth. Disrespect is rampant in this country and we will never have peaceful coexistence with each other when disrespect is shown.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      “Little half-white brat”? You obviously don’t know how ignorant and stupid (and racist) you sound. He explained very clearly why he did what he did, so that even a stupid racist idiot like you could understand what he said. What does his being mixed have to do with anything? He’s making a stand for something he believes in, which is probably more than some of you idiots have ever done. And that stupid little comment about “affirmative action” was completely uncalled for—you only said it because he’s black . As a black man, he’s obviously had to deal with being profiled and criminalized himself, so the issue of race is obviously very personal to him. especially.

      Not standing for the National Anthem dosen’t make you any less of a patriot than anybody else,so y’all need to get the hell off that BS. I’m also tired of this racist “black people need to be grateful they even have opportunities” bull**** white people trot out every damn time a black person has a legit criticism of anything our country does. America still has a lot of screwed up problems with race, just like we’re had throughout our entire history, and it for damn sure isn’t black people’s fault. We’re Americans too, this country was built off of our backs through our unpaid labor and sweat during slavery, so we have the right to criticize it any damn time we like (because we’re earned it) and especially if America isn’t living up to its ideals when it comes to equal treatment of its citizens. That’s the point Koepernick is trying to make. But all idiots like you want to do is complain about him not standing for the National Anthem,instead of why he did in he first place.

      • NDForever

        He’s complaining about a so-called oppressive white power structure. He’s half white. One parent was white. He’s complaining about his white parent half? Of half of himself? It’s hardly racist to call him out on that. It’s just the truth. And that’s something you seem to have a problem with accepting. And until the AA community starts looking in the mirror in big city after big city after big city and diagnose its self inflicted problems, there won’t be any progress. Their problems as a community do not start or end with white folk. Asian folk, Hispanic folk, or any other demographic folk that democrats love to cater to. Those problems start and end in the home of AA families. Or more to the point, the statistically significant absence of AA two parent families. Look in your own back yard. Don’t blame your neighbors. Of whatever color. Stop bitchin about whitey. Because at the end of the day it won’t do any good. Whitey isn’t to blame and can’t fix it.

        As for this football player. He seems to have found a cause only when his career was in a downward spiral. I have no respect for a half white mega rich guy whose only real talent is carrying and throwing a pigskin where his economic success is built upon people loving that game and who start everyone of those money making exercises by signing a national anthem for a country whose foundations and structures have permitted an athletic game to create such tremendous wealth for so many Americans.

        And I’m not even an NFL fan. FO.

  • Torque

    Well, it’s a good thing his parents didn’t feel the same way about people of color. He might still be waiting to be adopted.

  • prhayz

    People should applaud Kaepernick. He spoke the truth. It is unfortunate that some of us cannot handle it.

    • John

      What truth did he speak? Oh yeah, NOT the truth about black on black violence, because if a black person kills another black person, it’s fine, but if a white person does, it’s racism. Until you people realize you’re oppressing YOURSELVES, then the cycle will repeat.

      • prhayz

        My friend, you have shifted the goal post because you dare not face reality. We Americans like to brag about our rights and freedoms, but when certain citizens exercise their rights and rock the boat, so-called Patriots lambaste them.

        There is no rhyme or reason for the backlash Kaepernick is getting. We live in a democracy where everyone has a right to express him or herself freely.

        • Pamela Berrios

          Yeah let’s reply to this. I do believe he is speaking out of contents but there is so much racism, let’s cry racism against blacks. But if a black cop kills a white person it’s not racism and I do agree the blacks are oppressing themselves because they’re worried about their ancestors there is more opportunity for blacks and Hispanics to get grants and anything else special interest groups. If a scholarship was offered for only whites that would be racism right. It is only a hate crime in this world when a white person commits a crime against another color. Let’s get real we all live in this country and you make your own destiny and your own future lets all stop this racism color against color. My children were raised to respect everybody. There is no difference in the color of our skin to the insides of our body. And yes there are bad people in every profession

        • CMartel2

          Sure there is. Men fought and died for our freedoms, and he throws a tantrum in the one moment that could unite a people. Kapernick deserves every bit of scorn thrown his way. He wouldn’t be pulling this nonsense if he had a child serving in the armed services.

  • GrouchyMotherEffer

    This dude is a under cover muhammad, he isnt mixed.

  • dk504

    Poor baby. How many tens of millions has he made in the past 10 years? How many millions has he given to important African American causes, like BLM, or black college funds? How much is he talking or acting?

  • Sid

    Well then, he should definitely return all the money that he made entertaining in this horrible country. Then he can fly off to some other place more to his liking! Of course he is less likely to put his money where his mouth is and will more likely continue to use his butt instead.

  • Marcos Montana

    Kaepernick’s mother was not a racist, she was a niqqer lover

  • Marcos Montana

    Since Kaepernick is half white, he should have stood on one leg.

  • Michelle

    Someone somewhere always is oppressed. Not all that long ago women used to not be able to get a credit card without their husband or father giving permission. The problem is becoming that too many black people feel equal opportunity isn’t enough. They want black supremacy and will claim to be oppressed until they get it. If you support BLM, you are worse than an oppressor.

  • sickandtired

    I could stand to be as oppressed as he.

  • it’s my opinion

    Why isn’t he protesting fathers not supporting their children. This is a problem in the community both black and white. That would be much more productive. These kids don’t turn out good because they do not see any example of taking responsibility for your actions. Mothers try but it is very hard to be mother, father, bread winner, etc.