Colin Kaepernick Protest: Myke Tavarres, Malcolm Jenkins, Leodis McKelvin Joining National Anthem Boycott?

Colin Kaepernick Protest: Myke Tavarres, Malcolm Jenkins, Leodis McKelvin Joining National Anthem Boycott?
Colin Kaepernick Mike Morbeck / Flickr cc
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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is not yet finished making a stand. He has committed to continuing to sit out the national anthem until “there’s significant change” in the way people of color are treated in the U.S.


Today, Kaepernick no longer seems to be alone in his mission, as other football players may be looking to join him.

Kaepernick said he will continue to sit down as “The Star Spangled Banner” is played due to the recent police shootings all over the country. However, the quarterback made it clear that he is not about to convince his teammates to do the same thing.

“I’m not going to go try and recruit people and say, ‘Hey, come do this with me. I know the consequences that come with that. They need to make that decision for themselves.'”

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Nonetheless, it seems Kaepernick’s decision to sit the national anthem out has inspired others to join him. In fact, Philadelphia Eagles rookie linebacker Myke Tavarres has decided he’s going to do the same.

Tavarres told ESPN, “Oh, I thought about it. Believe me, I definitely thought about it. And usually I’m front and center on the line with the rest of the guys, and that’s since pre-K all the way up. Saturday’s game, I stepped back, I was in the background, and it didn’t feel right to me at all, and so I will be taking a stand — or sitting down — for the fourth game.”

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Along with Tavarres, Malcolm Jenkins and Leodis McKelvin also attended an open forum meeting discussing Kaepernick’s one-man stand. It is unclear if the two players will also be sitting out the national anthem in upcoming games.

Meanwhile, USA Today reports that a race relations expert is saying that Kaepernick’s sit-down campaign is working. According to Katheryn Russell-Brown, the director of the Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations at the University of Florida, “Kaepernick’s decision to sit down during the anthem “already brought along something meaningful because we are all doing about it.”

Moreover, Russell-Brown believes it’s Kaepernick’s “version of a hunger strike.”

As for Kaepernick’s teammates, it does not seem like any of them are eager to join him soon.

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