Cold War 2.0: China Can Bring US Into Bankruptcy

Cold War 2.0: China Can Bring US Into Bankruptcy

China is being aggressive on all fronts and several scholars are predicting that such moves could bring the world to a new cold war. More importantly, Beijing’s efforts to surpass the United States not only threaten the world over but also the country itself as it may push itself on the brink of economic collapse.


Several scholars have looked into China’s recent actions and concluded the scary picture that China’s capabilities and goals are presenting. Not to mention the dangerous foreign policy moves that the nation is creating and its implications to the world.

On top of this, another expert also predicted that given China’s aggressive efforts to push its economy to surpass the United States could endanger the nation to economic collapse – in just 18 months.

“Building a world-class and then a world-dominant military is at the core of Xi Jinping’s vision,”  Sea Power Magazine quoted Richard Fisher who was talking about China’s president, head of the Communist Party and chairman of the Central Military Commission.

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Fisher also noted China’s efforts in the South China Sea as a means to extend its power beyond its coastline.

Joseph Bosco, a scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, on the other hand, pointed out the risk of creating “Cold War 2.0” given China’s drive to take over the Western Pacific and reduce America’s power and influence over other regions. If China pushes for such efforts, it can eventually lead to a conflict with the United States, according to the scholar.

China watcher Gordon Chang added that China is at risk economically because of its unstable market. If it will not be addressed them there could be decades of recession.

“We need a wall of missiles in Asia to counter the wall of sand,” Chang added.

As if to demonstrate what the scholars are saying, China has just started its military exercises in the disputed region.

According to CNBC, naval group of two destroyers, two frigates, and a supply ship departed Sanya, Hainain province for the said drills. China reportedly wants to make sure its forces are combat ready thus the increased efforts in military exercises.

“China’s best warships will be deployed in the South Sea Fleet as a response to the US military ­activities, although both sides will carefully avoid any friction,” CNBC quoted Ni Lexiong, a Shanghai-based military commentator.

“It is a demonstration of muscle.” The commentator added.

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