Cold War 2.0: America Must Respect Russia As ‘Great Power’

Cold War 2.0: America Must Respect Russia As ‘Great Power’
Meeting with President of the United States Barack Obama President of Russia / Official Website CC by 4.0

The United States and Russia have been against each other following a series of near-military encounters. As tensions continue to rise, analysts believe that the United States is asking for trouble getting onto Russia’s nerves. Is it nearing WW3?


There is an ongoing threat of war between world powers, specifically between US and Russia. According to analysts, it is evident that the relations between Moscow and Washington are deteriorating. One of the problems prompting such conflict is that the United States still does not recognize that Russia is great power in its own right. Considering this, there should be more “respect” attributed to the country.

US-Russia Cold War

During the “Advancing American Security” conference, under Charles Koch Institute,  The American Conservative editorial assistant Caroline Dorminey said that the persisting theme is the question whether the United States is stuck in a Cold War or ushering a new one.

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“Worry over the deterioration of US-Russian relations was a common theme,” explained Dorminey. The panel also reportedly touched on the subject of Cold War vs. post-Cold War grand strategy.

John Mearsheimer pointed out what’s wrong with the basic foreign policy of the United States. According to him, there are two dimensions.

“The first is that we’re bent on militarily dominating the entire globe –there’s no place on the planet that doesn’t matter to the indispensable nation, we care about every nook and cranny on the planet and we’re interested in being militarily dominant here, there, and everywhere. That’s the first dimension. The second dimension is we’re deeply committed to transforming the world –we’re deeply committed to making everybody look like us,” Sputnik quoted Mearsheimer.

US Sending a Message to Russia and China

In another report from RT, political commentator Lawrence Davidson said that when US placed missiles in Eastern Europe, it sent a message that Russia and China cannot inject influence in the area.

“Well, you might ask them who it is targeting. Obviously this placement of missiles in Eastern Europe sends a message to Russia. And the message is: Look, you are not allowed to have a sphere of influence,” said Davidson.

“Indeed the Chinese aren’t allowed either. The only one who can really have a sphere of influence is the Americans and their proxies in Europe. This is essentially a Cold War theory of containment brought into the 21st century. So the whole notion that these missiles aren’t targeted towards Russia is just baloney. Who else are they be aiming at? The Scandinavians?” He added.

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