Code Black Season 2: Rob Lowe As Dr. Ethan Willis; Angels Memorial Hospital In Trouble?

Code Black Season 2: Rob Lowe As Dr. Ethan Willis; Angels Memorial Hospital In Trouble?
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The “Brat Pack” of Hollywood, actor Rob Lowe is going to be a new addition in the upcoming season 2 of the medical drama show “Code Black”. Rob will be playing the character of a Colonel Ethan Willis who has served in the Middle East and comes back to teach new techniques to the staff of Angels Memorial Hospital.


The question that crops up is, why was his character added in the sequel  of “Code Black”? According to CBSNews, Rob’s character would help in the advancement of the Hospital staff in their treating the trauma patients.

Lowe even believes that “So much of what we are learning with cutting-edge trauma medicine is from the battlefield,” and even mentions that their 16 years of experience at the battlefield is a source of medical advancement.

The character is genuine since it’s based on inspirations from real life, “And these colonels are transitioned into some of our larger hospitals to teach what they have learned in this more urban setting” said Lowe to CBSNews.

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In the mean time, the hospital is short handed and congested. They are looking for new staff and techniques for cutting-edge treatment. Hence, comes in the the new principled, hot and sizzling  physician, Dr. Ethan Willis. According to ASZ, he believes in the motto “Bring the emergency room to the patient and not the patient to the emergency room.”

Marcia Gay Harden who plays the character of Dr. Leanne Rorish will become Dr. Willis’ friend. His skills in making quick and tough decisions will amaze Dr. Rorish. It’s even speculated that this new character brings in an air of freshness to the existing medical atmosphere. But, Dr. Willis and Dr. Will Campbell, the new hospital administrator, played by Boris Kodjoe, in the long run will have confrontations over protocols and rules of the hospital.

ASZ reports that fans will be thrilled with the scenes when the resident staff is pushed and pressurized beyond limits. However, there has been some major changes in the show and to the disappointment of the fans, Dr. Neal Hudson and Dr. Christa Lorenson, who are the fan favorites, have been pulled out from this season 2 of “Code Black”.

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