CNN Democratic Debate: Who’s The Winner?

CNN Democratic Debate: Who’s The Winner?
Clinton Rally 109 Keith Kissel / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Now that the 2-hour Democratic debate hosted by CNN is over, the question that lingers for many is: who emerged as the winner?


While most media outfits are currently running online polls in a bid to get an estimate to know who actually won in the recent debate held in Flint, Michigan, a veteran debater said former secretary of state Hillary Clinton outperformed her opponent, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

Seasoned debate coach Todd Graham of the Southern Illinois University, in an opinion editorial on CNN, said Sunday’s debate was a great one.

“When my debate team is being judged by a panel of critics in intercollegiate debate, the first thing we do, way before the debate begins, is analyze the panel of judges. Based on the arguments we will present, we try to predict the judges who will vote for us, the ones who will vote against us, and who’s on the fence. My mantra for our teams before these debates: Seal and steal,” Graham wrote in his opinion article.

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He said he based his judgment on debaters Clinton and Sanders. Graham added that while both of the Democrat presidential aspirants did well on the first criterion, he’s not sure whether they both did well on the second one.

The two-time national debate coach of the year awardee emphasized that both debaters should aim at trying to steal their opponent’s likely support base while making sure that their support base stay with them.

In last night’s event, Graham graded Clinton with B+. Sanders, on the other hand, received a B from Graham.

Meanwhile, media organizations in the U.S. such as TIME have ran their individual polls to gauge who won in last night’s CNN democratic debate.


  • JCDavis

    Sanders blew Clinton out of the water, but the media continues to trot out anyone who will say the opposite of what people saw on the screen: Don’t believe your own senses, folks. Believe what we tell you.

  • Aron

    Bernie killed Hillary in the polls regarding who won the debate. Granted that online polls are attract more of Bernie’s demographic still, the size of the schellacking was astonishing. She debated well but it seems participants were picking up on her deflective pivoting and politician-like delivery.