CM Punk UFC Debut Cancelled: Ex-WWE Star Not Yet Ready?

CM Punk UFC Debut Cancelled: Ex-WWE Star Not Yet Ready?
CM Punk Robert McGoldrick / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

CM Punk aka Phil Brooks is scheduled to face Mickey Gall at UFC 203, something that will hopefully materialize. After repeated delays on account of injury, hope floats that the former WWE champion will finally make his much awaited mixed martial arts debut.


Fans have read different takes on how Punk can make the successful transition from the WWE to the UFC. The two companies are different, more so with the stakes in the table. The punishment is real but Punk is armed with jiu-jitsu that should make the transition easy.

That was until footage of his latest documentary “The Evolution of Punk” was seen. Be reminded that this is a film and not actual footage of how Punk is training for Gall. But looking at some portions on how he is preparing for his UFC debut, it looks like he will be in for a tough grind.

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Did Punk’s chances just dip?

Being a top star and someone who knows how to mix it up, Punk should be a favorite. But then again, this is the UFC and not the WWE. Gall is a rising star but has fought already inside the cage.

He may have not been up against the toughest of foes but the fact remains he has the experience in the UFC, regardless of how many. Punk has not fought inside the Octagon and UFC 203 will be his first time.

As cited by Bleacher Report, the meager footage of how Punk is preparing is far from impressive. Summing it all up, he is an obvious beginner meaning it could be questionable if he does survive Gall.

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For what it’s worth, Punk needs to figure out for himself if he can follow the footsteps of other WWE stars. Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley and even Dave Batista tried it at one time. Lesnar is the one that made waves but Punk is sorely different.

Will it be a sorry decision? If the fight took place today or next week, Punk will likely be in for a rude awakening. He still has time but based on the footage, it will be a tough grind for the 37-year-old star.

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  • accolade

    Oh please, the only thing us fans wanted to see was Phil Brooks CM Punk face Jason David Frank’s Tommy Oliver aka the Green Ranger.
    The media hype behind that match alone could have paid in dividends.