Clown In The Woods Latest Video, News Update: Boys Chased With Knife, Girl Wants Teacher Killed

Clown In The Woods Latest Video, News Update: Boys Chased With Knife, Girl Wants Teacher Killed
Clown Sighting Chase Prior/Facebook

Creepy clown sightings in different parts of the country have continued to increase since it was first reported in August, with more chilling stories coming out from residents.


A video that was uploaded on Facebook on October 2 showed a man dressed like a clown chasing the teens with a handheld knife.

The 50-second video was taken by Chase Prior from the Newark, Ohio.

More Clown Sightings

As early as August 5, clown sightings have been reported in Wisconsin when local police received several reports of clowns’ sightings. But the hands of the authorities are tied, especially since the man is not doing anything illegal.

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“Ironically, my friend Zane and I had just been discussing supposed sightings of clowns around the 21st Street / 16 intersection. We had no idea this would happen when we started our run,” Prior wrote on the post alongside with the uploaded video.

The same video has at least 22 million views and has already been shared more than 106,000 times as of this posting. It has also generated mixed reactions from the netizens with some shared their personal experience with clown sightings.

More Clowns in Virginia, Chicago

“Keep an eye out of this guy or someone like him around the area because this was absolutely terrifying, joke or not. We didn’t stick around to find out,” Prior added.

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In Virginia, a note on social media has been circulating, which shows a 13-year-old girl who asked a man dressed as clown to kill one of the child’s teachers. The juvenile has already been arrested for sending threats to electronic message, the Fox News reported.

In Chicago, a clown-related threat has been circulating via the Instagram involving a personnel at the Thomson Junior High School and Rougher Junior High School in Oswego. The local police declared the message that has been shared among students as hoax, the Chicago Tribune reported.

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