Clippers Rumors: Will DeAndre Jordan Re-sign For Clippers?

Clippers Rumors: Will DeAndre Jordan Re-sign For Clippers?
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DeAndre Jordan “was” headed towards Dallas Mavericks agreeing to their deal worth $80 million for four years and was set to play a prime role in Mark Cuban’s side as center on Friday.


Now, rumors are growing louder that the 26-year-old star center may change his mind, since Jordan hasn’t signed anything officially due to league rules. Friendship, history and more lucrative offers await the star-center at Clippers, which might force a change of decision, according to ESPN.

All-star Chris Paul-led-Clippers off-late are aggressively trying to persuade Jordan to stay back at Los Angeles.

This is free agency; things can change drastically.

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Paul’s criticism of Jordan appeared to be too “harsh,” according to experts, but suddenly he has become the key recruiter to convince Jordan to return to LA. But Paul was not alone on behalf of Clippers when they met DJ on Wednesday afternoon at his hometown Houston, after which the center indicated his change of heart.

Marc Stein of ESPN tweeted:

And Jordan has only verbally committed to the Mavs without signing any dotted lines. But pulling out of that and returning to another team is unlikely and a bit unusual as per NBA’s unwritten culture. Such a U-turn might set a rare example in free agency but cannot be ruled out according to recent developments.

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