Cleveland Cavaliers Signing Vince Carter To Prepare For JR Smith’s Departure? [Rumors]

Cleveland Cavaliers Signing Vince Carter To Prepare For JR Smith’s Departure? [Rumors]
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By now everyone has heard that LeBron James has finally agreed to a new deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This article is not about that but more on what the Cavaliers will do next. As everyone knows, there is one other player who has yet to re-sign – J.R. Smith.


Similar to last season, he is among the last ones likely to get a contract. The problem is that his asking price — reportedly $15 million — could pose problems to Dan Gilbert and company. But just the same, the prognosis is that the Cavs will re-sign him regardless of the impending luxury tax woes tied to it.

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Hence, the chances of the Cavaliers looking at other options may not be that high. Just the same, here is a possible scenario tied up with Vince Carter.

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Off Prime But Handy

The Cavs are not the type to invest heavily on aging veterans with that distinction linked mostly to the Los Angeles Clippers or the Dallas Mavericks. At 39, Carter is one of those guys likely nearing retirement.

His minutes the past years have dwindled but he still contributes effectively. With that in mind, will he be a welcome addition to the charges of Tyronn Lue?

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Carter is far from what Smith brings but can be a sensible addition if the Cavs allow it. The Memphis Grizzlies have less than 20 days to waive him so unless something pops up, the former slam dunk champion could be among the free agents available.

Smith is still the first option but it depends on the money the Cavs are willing to spend. He played an important role last season and is a vital cog. Also, it would be best to note that James stressed his name in the post announcing his decision to sign that three-year $100 million deal.

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