Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Mo Williams Frustrated With Bench Role, To Retire?

Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Mo Williams Frustrated With Bench Role, To Retire?
Mo Williams Keith Allison/ Flickr cc

Mo Williams can still play if he wants to, but it looks like he could end up retiring at a young age of 33. After being added by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Williams could very well walk away considering he has gotten what any NBA player would consider their crowning glory – an NBA title.


Despite being a member of the 2015-16 NBA champion team, he was hardly someone people took note of. A reason for that is his scarce playing time but such was to be expected.

He played behind Kyrie Irving and Matthew Delladedova despite the fact that he has been known to be a deadly shooter. Williams has been around the league for 13 years and there is no question that he can still play on if he wanted to.

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Shortchanged in Playing Time and Money?

When he joined the Cavs, Williams was aware of what he was getting himself into. It would be safe to say that his immediate goal was to be a champion.

With that achieved, Williams can comfortably walk away though one has to wonder if the fire in him has really died down. Could the dwindled minutes be a reason? Or is Williams planning to quit while he is ahead.

Given the chance, there is no question that he could be an asset as a starting guard for any other NBA team. His age is far from the retirement level that most are familiar with but the decision to play on will be left entirely up to him.

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Money could be a factor. But would other teams give him a higher pay than what he can get in Cleveland? Other teams are likely to offer him something similar or slightly higher. But before that, Williams needs to weigh things out if he really wants to quit the game.

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