Cleveland Cavaliers Roster: LeBron James, Chris Andersen Officially Reunite In ‘The Land’

Cleveland Cavaliers Roster: LeBron James, Chris Andersen Officially Reunite In ‘The Land’
LeBron James Basket Streaming / Flickr CC BY 2.0

LeBron James and Chris Andersen will be on the same team once more for at least one year, following reports that the “Birdman” has agreed to a one-year deal minimum with the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Word of Andersen’s coming popped up in the rumor mill recently. The deal is hardly seen as controversial, though critics believe that James had a hand in the deal.

Oldie but goodie Chris Andersen

Andersen is no spring chicken at the prime of his career and someone who could retire if he wanted to. He recently turned 38 and is likely to spend more time on the bench behind regular big men Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson.

The Cavaliers found themselves in need of big men, following Timofey Mozgov’s departure. The Russian is now with the Los Angeles Lakers though his loss was not considered a crucial one. He spent most of his time on the bench and was subject to trade rumors last season.

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As far as age is concerned, Andersen has proven he can still contribute. He continues to be an energy player and someone who contributes through ‘intangibles.’ That includes diving for loose balls, rebounding and chasing down shots. The Cavs have been suspect on the defensive end and Andersen could make a difference next season.

Flying again with the King

The most important factor of it all is that Andersen and James know each other well. Though they may have limited minutes on the court, both are comfortable and familiar with each other.

An example of that is the partnership both had during their title run in 2013-14 with the Miami Heat. Andersen may not be a key player getting big minutes but is a tested individual. If all goes well, he may just win one more NBA title as his career winds down.

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