Cleveland Cavaliers Make Another ‘LeBron James’ Move, Acquiring Chris Andersen

Cleveland Cavaliers Make Another ‘LeBron James’ Move, Acquiring Chris Andersen
LeBron James Basket Streaming / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The Cleveland Cavaliers need more big men to hone their lineup and Chris Andersen could be that guy. Head coach Tyronn Lue admitted that they were in the middle of negotiations, which sources claim are pretty close.


The potential addition of Chris Andersen addresses the question posed by a previous post,which tackled on the Cavaliers’ search for new frontliners. Richard Jefferson is still around, but the team lost seldom-used Timofey Mozgov, who is now with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Reunion with Lebron James

Worth noting is that Andersen is a former teammate of LeBron James, when they were still with the Miami Heat. Andersen split last season between the Heat and the Memphis Grizzlies and now a reunion could be happening soon.

With Andersen, the Cavs get an energy player and someone who can do the intangibles. Despite already being 38, the “Birdman” has proven he can still log quality minutes. Regardless, Andersen is expected to spend more time on the bench and spell Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love or even Jefferson, ESPN reported.

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Seeing how both were teammates before, the issue on whether James had anything to do with the move is in the air. While the Cavs star player is likely to deny it, it is a fact that both complimented each other on the hardwood.

Andersen fits in the team budget

Also, it should be worth noting that the Cavaliers are operating on a limited budget. With most of their players hooked up to multi-million dollar deals, Cleveland is facing a whopping $54 million in luxury taxes.

With that staggering figure, the Cavs need to lower expectations a bit when it comes to signing up quality players. But in the case of Andersen, he may be in the twilight of his career but has shown that he can rev up the energy when given the chance to play.

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