Cleveland Cavaliers Losing JR Smith To Milwaukee Bucks?

Cleveland Cavaliers Losing JR Smith To Milwaukee Bucks?
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JR Smith is still unsigned though many are still under the impression that the 30-year-old swingman will still get a contract soon. As often mentioned, it is all about finalizing the numbers on his contract which could eventually come down soon.


In the worst case scenario, there are other teams who could use JR Smith. One team is the Milwaukee Bucks who have a big void to fill following the injury to Khris Middleton.

Can JR Smith replace Middleton?

JR Smith seems like a logical choice only that he carries a hefty $15 million price tag. Recall that this was the price that Smith set forth to re-sign with the Cavs and will most certainly be the same with any team who dares try to recruit him.

Is JR Smith worth that much? Experts think so. The only problem with the Cavs is that they have overshot their team budget and are trying to nix some of the luxury tax penalties.

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Assuming they do sign Smith to a $15 million dollar contract or somewhere near that, Dan Gilbert is staring at pretty hefty fine.

As far as the Bucks are concerned, moving someone like Greg Monroe could give more space. Everyone knows that Monroe has been the subject of trade rumors though nothing has materialized to date.

Will Smith still be feasible following Michael Beasley acquisition?

The latest move of the Bucks is the acquisition of Michael Beasley from the Houston Rockets, Bleacher report reported. The Bucks sent Tyler Ennis to the Rockets in what was initially deemed as a move to add more scoring sock to the bench.

Contrary to the belief of many, Bucks general manager John Hammond claims that the move was not tied up to the Milddleton injury. Talks have been ongoing and apparently both sides only came to an agreement just now.

With Beasley now with the Bucks, do they still need JR Smith?

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