Cleveland Cavaliers Getting DeMarcus Cousins For Kevin Love, Channing Frye? [Rumors]

Cleveland Cavaliers Getting DeMarcus Cousins For Kevin Love, Channing Frye? [Rumors]
DeMarcus Cousins Michael Tipton / Flickr cc

Trade rumors involving the Cleveland Cavaliers are still rampant. The defending champions are expected to do anything they can to improve their roster. They are continuously being linked to a possible deal for Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins.


The Cavaliers will be hard pressed to bolster their roster after the Golden State Warriors formed a super team this summer. Cousins will surely make them more formidable. But do they have the pieces to make the deal work?

According to King James Gospel, the Cavaliers could convince the Kings to part ways with Cousins as long as the package will involve Kevin Love. Love has also been mentioned in trade rumors over the past several months.

Fair Deal For Cleveland Cavaliers, Sacramento Kings?

Losing Cousins will be a big blow to the Kings, but it appears they have no other choice. While it seems Cousins is doing his best to hide his real emotions, there were already instances where he sounded like he wants out of Sacramento. He allegedly reacted negatively with the moves they made this offseason, particularly during the draft.

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Acquiring Love will soften the hit. The All-Star power forward is more than capable of producing double-double numbers night in and night out. Love averaged 16.9 points and 9.9 rebounds, which are above average stats for a third option. He had to adjust his game to LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

It is worth noting, though, that a one-on-one deal might not work for them. In turn, the Cavaliers could also send Channing Frye and two future first-round picks. The Kings, on the other, will give up Kosta Koufos and Ben McLemore.

Frye is also capable of producing big numbers if given enough opportunities. The two first-round picks will be a big asset for them in the future or they can use it as trade baits in the coming years.

On the other hand, the Cavaliers will get a true center in Koufos and another backcourt weapon in McLemore. Chris Haynes of previously reported that the Cavaliers tried to acquire McLemore before the trade deadline in February. The 23-year-old could also get a bigger role if J.R. Smith signs elsewhere this summer.

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  • Greg Senter

    Frye , a declining Love and almost worthless first round picks from the Cavs for Cousins, McLemore and Koufos? Maybe the Kings should also throw in Gay to even the trade out? You are smoking some strong weed there.

    • Brennan Ault

      love is not declining, hes entering his prime. He just does not fit on that team, hes a low post board dominant player and when you got Thompson grabbing those boards and tossing them out, he has to rely on that 3 which he can hit, but with less consistency. Give him his role back and he will go back to 23-25 points a game, he obviously isn’t going to be what Cousins is shaping out to be but at the same time we talk about Sacramento like they have a decision in where he goes when his contract is up. he’s not going to stay because the kings management is a joke, get rid of him now and acquire pieces to rebuild with imo.

      • Greg Senter

        I agree they should trade Cousins while they can get something. Love is not the low post player he was. Also he isn’t as dominant as Cousins which is why the Cavs would be interested. Sac may be a good place for Love. Certainly Cousins would hold his temper in check around LeBron.