Cleveland Cavaliers Acquiring Lance Stephenson If JR Smith Signs With Minnesota Timberwolves

Cleveland Cavaliers Acquiring Lance Stephenson If JR Smith Signs With Minnesota Timberwolves
Lance Stephenson and LeBron James Lewe92/ Wikimedia Commons cc

The Cleveland Cavaliers have not yet come to terms with veteran J.R. Smith and now critics are starting to come up with alternate scenarios just in case both camps fail to strike a deal.


Smith is seeking a $15 million deal which many feel is reasonable except perhaps for the Cavs. Cleveland is already in a bind trying to work around the luxury tax penalties they are facing and the holdup seems to be more on the numbers crunch that the two camps are unable to agree on.

On the part of Smith, he hasn’t really talked to other team yet though there are several teams who could give him what he wants. Among the teams include the Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets or even the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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The basis? They all have the necessary room to give Smith that $15 million paycheck he wants. Right now, this seems a bit far off with the 30-year-old vet and the Cavs a couple of millions apart, Hoops Rumors reported. At some point, both will likely come to an agreement and Rich Paul has proven he can do just that.

Lance Stephenson on standby?

In what could perhaps be the worst case scenario, what will the Cavs do? Do they go out and take a risk on the who is available in the free agent pool?

Lance Stephenson is once again up though all that could depend on Dan Gilbert and the brain thrust. Stephenson is not really one of the Cavs favorites, having his run-ins with resident star LeBron James.

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Though that ear-blowing incident happened when James was with the Heat, it is no secret that Stephenson and James are not exactly in good terms.

Nevertheless, James is a professional and could let it pass. But will that attitude blend Stephenson in with the rest of the group?

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