ClashCon 2016 Schedule Confirmed? Latest On Clash Royale, Clash Of Clans Event Here

ClashCon 2016 Schedule Confirmed? Latest On Clash Royale, Clash Of Clans Event Here
Clash of Clans 3 Themeplus / Flickr cc
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September is here and the king of mobile MMO Clash of Clans will finally get its much awaited update. However the excitement is more or less watered down due to the announcement that there will be no ClashCon 2016.


Supercell has decided to put the time and effort in hosting the event to developing its new and existing products. The annual event has been an opportunity for fans to get themselves on loots, contests, as well as meet and greet prominent members of the community.

According to Mobipicker, players took to the official Supercell forum to voice their reactions to the announcement. Most reacted positively to the news even urging the developer to work on balancing their existing games.

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From an financial standpoint, refraining from hosting ClashCon 2016 is also a good move for the Finnish company. While there’s no doubt that the clashing community has millions of members, the event itself relies of people actually attending the event.

No ClashCon 2016

Unlike established conventions like BlizzCon and ComicCon, the fanbase is still very young to be hosting big ticket events. Still some were definitely upset about the news stating that demands for balance updates caused the cancellation.

Clash of Clans and its spin-off Clash Royale has been well received by the mobile gaming community. Just this year the company reported around $2.35 billion dollars in revenue, pretty impressive for a gaming company founded barely more than half a decade ago.

Supercell has been silent regarding the details of the September update for Clash of Clans. This has not stopped fans from voicing their opinions on Reddit about what should the update contain.

Updates regarding Clan Wars seem to be the top priority for fans. Balances such as a limit on troops as well as game modes such as War Practice mode and Clan War Tournaments were just a few of the proposed ideas.

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