Clash Royale Update: August 2016 Patch Bringing More Balanced Gameplay, Character Changes

Clash Royale Update: August 2016 Patch Bringing More Balanced Gameplay, Character Changes
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Clash Royale, the Clash of Clan-based PvP game, will be getting a major update this month according to Supercell. Leaked information revealed that the upcoming update will be aimed at characters to improve the overall balance of the game.


The developers seem to have been listening intently to feedback from the community. Last month’s update brought four new cards, including two legendary cards.

Gotta Be Mobile reported that some aspects of the game require just a few minor tweaks. Others however, such as the Tournament mode need some major tinkering. For now Supercell will focus on balancing the characters since they are central gameplay of Clash Royale.

According to Neurogadget, the main target of the update appears to be the mini P.E.K.K.A. The unit spawns too frequently during games giving an advantage to players.

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The update will hit the mini P.E.K.K.A. with the dreaded nerf stick and will spawn less frequently in addition to reducing its stats. The unit will be considerably slower and will also deal less damage.

Other units that will be hit with the update include the Miner, which will have its damage reduced significantly. This won’t be known as the update of atrophy as some units will be blessed with buffs.

This includes the Bowler will get a stat upgrade to increase their effectiveness in battle. The boost is also a way to encourage players to utilize this unit more frequently.

Legendary cards are also made more common in decks so that players can obtain and use rare cards more. Tournament mode is also rumored to get an overhaul on the upcoming update.

Supercell has been taking out the big guns after Pokemon GO took a huge chunk of the mobile gaming market. Its games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach need to innovate quickly or get lost in the cut throat world of mobile gaming.

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