Clash Of Clans September 2016 Update: More Powerful Troops And Mortars Coming, Troop Nerfing To Disappoint?

Clash Of Clans September 2016 Update: More Powerful Troops And Mortars Coming, Troop Nerfing To Disappoint?
Clash of Clans 3 Themeplus / Flickr cc
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What's This?

There’s no stopping Clash of Clans despite Niantic’s Pokemon GO taking a huge chunk of the mobile gaming market overnight. New details about Clash of Clans September 2016 update are floating, featuring new heroes as well as buffs and nerfs to existing units and buildings.


Clash of Clans has changed a lot since its 2012 release on Apple’s iOS. Fans of the mobile real-time strategy game are eagerly waiting for new features, balances and more importantly bug fixes.

In a game where everything depends solely on where your place your units, bug fixes are crucial. Without any ability to control your units, the outcome on the raid lies solely on the game’s AI.

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According to Neurogadget, the updates will feature new heroes, as well as buffs to buildings and nerfs to units. With crushing enemy bases getting harder and harder as your Town Hall levels up, updates such as these can alter the balance quite drastically.

New Clash of Clans Heroes?

There are currently three heroes available in the game. Each hero has their own unique abilities. These abilities can prove devastating when used correctly, making heroes one of the most powerful units in the game.

The Clash of Clans September 2016 update is rumored to introduce a new hero to the game. If this proves true, he will join the ranks of the Archer Queen, Barbarian King and the Grand Warden in the game.

Mortar Mayhem

The Clash of Clans September 2016 update is also rumored to feature an upgrade to the Mortar. This building has been very devastating in lower levels by wiping out clusters of troops in one shot.

Its effectiveness is lost however in later levels, as players use tougher units, giving the Mortar a run for its money. The update will allegedly fix the building’s AI, making it prioritize troop clusters over single units.

No To Nerfs

Several units received a buff in terms of training time earlier this year with the Golem, Dragon and Pekka receiving the largest decrease. These three units are harder to improve, taking more than an hour to train.

While some troops deserve nerfs, fans are suggesting that Supercell balance them instead. No more devastating Hog Rider rushes or Punishing Pekka armies, giving the Clash of Clans an equal ground in both offense and defense.

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