CIA Finds ‘Dead Man’s Switch’ Linked To Hillary Clinton: Who Are Daniel And Vincent Fleck?

CIA Finds ‘Dead Man’s Switch’ Linked To Hillary Clinton: Who Are Daniel And Vincent Fleck?
Hillary Clinton Paula R. Lively / Flickr cc
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Hillary Clinton and her “body bag” theories have been emerging for quite sometime now, as her lead over Republican candidate Donald Trump also increased.


The former First Lady and the mysterious deaths Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Victor Thorn and others have been dominating news. Amidst election-related news and conspiracy theories, a new revelation comes forward.

It was reported on August 11 2016 that the father of the doctor treating Hillary Clinton for dementia unprecedentedly died this past weekend. According to What Does It Mean, it is believed that the same doctor was behind the leaking of her most classified medical records.

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In actuality, on August 6, 2016, a 69-year-old athlete participating in a Long Island triathlon had died. It was reported by the authorities that Vincent Fleck of Mount Kisco passed away after a lifeguard noticed him in trouble while swimming during the event, according to Lohud.

The existence of Dr Daniel Fleck, considered the former Secretary of State’s PT, is also true. In an introductory portion provided by Physical Therapists, Daniel Fleck is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who is an expert in injury recovery from a medical perspective, as well as a sportsman.

Dr Lisa Bardack had earlier issued a letter stating that the Democratic nominee is in perfect shape. However, reports related to the nominee’s sudden seizures and fits contain Dr Bardack’s name on them, which ignited the theory. Surprisingly, it was Dr Bardack’s father who was discovered dead 24 hours after the Democratic candidate’s medical records were released to the public.

The Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement in the death at Mount Kisko was reported by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). The SVR said that the CIA’s “hit team” went nearly 70 kilometers from their New York City base to small village Mount Kisco, also in New York State.

The “hit team” purportedly took one laptop from a computer security company’s annex office. After going through it, SVR reported that the CIA found out that the computer security company provided a “Snowden-like dead man’s switch” on the personal computer of a man named Vincent Fleck.

According to Snopes, the whole issue is nothing but a hoax. The publication noted that even the release of the medical reports related to the medical degradation related to Hillary Clinton was a hoax.

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