Chrome For Android: Allows Users To Pause, Resume & Cancel Downloads

Chrome For Android: Allows Users To Pause, Resume & Cancel Downloads

Have you ever observed how you download stuff on Google Chrome for Android? I have been following just one way: long press on whatever I needed to download and then click on “save.” This option does not allow users to cancel, pause or resume downloading. Once you hit save, you had to wait till the file comes to your device, and if you do not need it, you could delete it later.


The latest version of Chrome for Android is v49. This is what Android Marshmallow is also using. But the next version of Chrome, version 50, will come with a built-in downloader. You can see the downloading progress at the bottom of your page where you are also given a few options: cancel, pause and resume. Other than just hit save, this is the alternative way to download files on Chrome for Android which not many users know about.

A report published on Chrome for Android version 50 on 9to5 Google says, “While the stable version of Chrome on the Android N preview already has the functionality built in (because the OS comes with Chrome v50), both the v49 currently running on Marshmallow and the latest build of Chrome Beta do not.

“What the latest iteration of the browser allows you to do, though, is to both pause and resume files that are being downloaded, and also to delete them altogether in case you were to start downloading something unintentionally…” This confirms that the Chrome for Android N will by default come with this new functionality.

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Android N is anyways going to be an advanced version of Android M; hence, we can expect many other Android apps to update themselves to match this new mobile operating system.

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