Christmas Miracle As Newborn Baby Found Alive In Manger

Christmas Miracle As Newborn Baby Found Alive In Manger
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A newborn baby was found alive and healthy in an indoor nativity scene at Holy Child Jesus Church in Richmond Hill in Queens on Monday. The baby boy was wrapped in a swaddle blanket and was placed in the spot where baby Jesus would be put for the Christmas time. He still had his umbilical cord when he was discovered in the manger.


“What went through my head was that first God in his prominence allowed this crèche (manger) to be put up early, and the second was that this woman (mother of the baby) in her time of need would see in this crèche as a safe haven for the child,” Father Christopher Heanue told the New York Daily News. “I really see it as Pope Francis does. He called this a year of mercy and what better way to be merciful than find a home for someone,” the father marveled.

Corrine Gower, a loyal churchgoer, believed that the reason the newborn baby survived the cold weather was that because it was abandoned in the manger inside the church. A miracle happened, which is why the baby survived, she told the New York Post.

“That little boy is always going to be part of this church. I think it would be so appropriate to name him Jesus. He was found in the nativity after all,” Gower said.

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According to the church custodian, there are already families within the parish who have asked if they could adopt the baby. Many from the parish believe that since the baby was left in the community, he should stay with them. Surveillance video obtained shows a woman walking inside the church with a baby folded in her arms. She then left the newborn baby in the manger. Coming back from his lunch, the custodian heard the baby crying.