‘Christian State’ Threatens Muslim Massacre In Belgium

‘Christian State’ Threatens Muslim Massacre In Belgium

An anonymous letter sent by a mysterious group that identified itself as a Christian State threatened to kill all Muslims in Belgium. The group, which uses violent language similar to the ISIS, said Muslims “will be slaughtered like pigs and crucified as our Lord converts their souls.”


The threatening letter was received by Jamal Habbachich, a local Muslim leader and president of Molenbeek’s mosque association, RT reported. The leader is now worried that the letter can provoke Islamophobia in their community. “This letter is one of the elements. In the current climate, with fear in everyone’s minds, it is disturbing,” Habbachich was quoted as saying. “What also concerns me is the name of the author of the letter which we do not know, and who uses similar terminology to that of the Islamic state,” he added.

The next step for the Muslim leaders is to seek protection from the government. “We will turn to the authorities of our country and complain to the police, naturally. Because there are two situations when you receive this kind of letter: it is a document written by someone wacky unbalanced, or it’s a very serious threat,” Habbachich said.

The frightening Christian State rose in the wake of the Beirut bombing that happened early in November. The ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack that killed 40 people dead, CNN reported. One of the failed suicide bombers arrested by police revealed that he was an ISIS recruit, according to Lebanese security officer involved in the investigation.

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    Yep….people are getting sick and tired of muslims and their evil indoctrination.