Chris Rock Thinks ‘Fantastic Four’ Movies Need Saving, Wants JJ Abrams To Direct

Chris Rock Thinks ‘Fantastic Four’ Movies Need Saving, Wants JJ Abrams To Direct
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Marvel Entertainment can’t seem turn “Fantastic Four” into a smash hit despite the production company’s films having multiple successes in the box office. According to comedian Chris Rock, J.J Abrams may be the saving grace of the franchise.


According to a report by, Chris Rock pleaded J.J. Abrams to give the franchise a shot during an open forum at the Tribeca Film Festival. Rock said he loves the comic books, but everybody keeps screwing it up in the movies.

Abrams has made a name for himself in the film industry by jump-starting movie franchises and making them huge hits on the big screen. These include Star Trek, Mission Impossible, and the 8th installment of the Star Wars franchise “The Force Awakens,” which remains his highest-grossing film.

UPI reported that Abrams responded to Rock by saying he should do it along with Denzel Washington, since he suggested that Abrams collaborate with the two-time Oscar winner.

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Rock quickly replied that he is too old and that they will need somebody better.

The comic book franchise has already spawned three movies. The first film released in 2005, despite a successful run at the box office, received poor critical reception. Due to its successful run, a sequel was released, although it only offered mild improvement compared to the first film.

A 2015 reboot of the film performed horribly, earning a gross of $168 million worldwide on a $120 million budget. It was also nominated for Worst Screen Combo and Worst Screenplay at the 36th Golden Raspberry Award.

Abrams has given no clear answer if he will consider directing a movie based on the Fantastic Four. With Marvel Entertainment churning out franchises that made made bucks in theaters, a newer, better film based on the popular comic book franchise is within the realm of possibility.

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  • humastas

    Marvel doesn’t make these movies, Fox studios does. Marvel doesn’t own the rights. Poorly researched article.

  • Melvin T Pelvis

    If Marvel can get the rights back another guy to considering helming The Fantastic Four would be Joss Whedon if he’d consider doing another Marvel movie. I read something about the folks in power there were given the boot and / or put into other positions. They may be why Whedon didn’t want to do another Marvel movie. Apparently they were very controlling and meddlesome.